Think that this year’s TdF was tough…

.. then this video from the 1966 Tour de France will be an eye opener. It was a tough race for this year, but imagine riding le tour in 1966 – this video gives a pretty good idea of what it would have been like.

These guys were really really tough – check out the bloke about 13 mins in with claret all over his head getting cleaned up by the team doctor (still on his bike riding of course!), and the bloke at 16 mins who hits the wall in a big way, veering all over the road, and then just crashes to the side of the road. Brilliant.


Every grey cloud…

Even in the doom and gloom of the large number of foreclosures across many cities in the ‘States, these guys in Fresno CA are finding silver linings in other’s grey clouds.
I remember going to Fresno in 2000 – I had a couple of mates who lived there. One of them had pool like the ones in the video, and the other lived on a ranch that they also talk about in the video. Fresno seemed like an very hot and flat place. With lots of oranges. (from The Atlantic)

Someone will probably make a million out of this…

I was looking at the below link and asked myself “why?”. I couldn’t answer that, so I thought “why not?”. I think that’s really an answer to a question that no-one should have ever asked.

British Bulldog meets Steal the Flag in Japan

Anyone remember British Bulldog and Steal the Flag from their old school days. Well this is the Japanese version.
It’s a full can of awesome if you ask me.

I’ll take a d thanks…

I can’t quite believe that this isn’t a set up…

When two offices collide….

Danger, danger…

This one really appealled to my sense of humour…

Hacker hits road sign – oddstuff |

Mad skills…

Whoa. Just whoa. Maybe not quite as smooth as Danny Macaskill, but some amazing riding over some crazy terrain.

A Hill in Spain from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

I may have been some time….

Not wanting to paraphrase Captain Lawrence Oates of Scott of the Antarctic fame, but I have been outside and haven’t posted anything for some time. Having said that, I am sure that something has been happening, but must not have been particularly noteworthy.

I have been doing a bit of riding – but certainly nothing like this footage from Valparaiso in Chile. Watch out for the dog about 35 seconds in.

Also, more good news on the mountain biking front in Hobart – the third stage of the North-South track has nearly been finished. We’ll soon be able to ride from the Springs on Mt Wellington all the way through to Tolosa MTB park in ‘norchy. Not quite finished yet, but should be open for riding soon. More info and pics at

Got a problem? Try power cycling.

From the title you might surmise that this post is cycling related. Well it’s not.

I had an IT issue at work today. I sent an e-mail to our IT guys asking if they could fix it. Below is a transcript.

Me: “My printer is showing an error message, saying that we need some tech support.”
IT dude: “Sure, sure. Before I call someone, have you tried power cycling it.”
Me: “Not sure I can ride a printer – how do you cycle a printer?”
IT dude: “Well, you basically turn it off, then turn it back on again.”
Me: “Just like the IT Crowd?”
IT dude: “I think so. But you need to do it three times.”
Me: “Ok, I’ll try that.”

So there you have it – Roy is on to some sound advice for your computer problems. Except he should tell you to ‘power cycle’ three times. That would save them a lot of work. Should have asked our IT dude if he was having a laugh.

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