Got a problem? Try power cycling.

From the title you might surmise that this post is cycling related. Well it’s not.

I had an IT issue at work today. I sent an e-mail to our IT guys asking if they could fix it. Below is a transcript.

Me: “My printer is showing an error message, saying that we need some tech support.”
IT dude: “Sure, sure. Before I call someone, have you tried power cycling it.”
Me: “Not sure I can ride a printer – how do you cycle a printer?”
IT dude: “Well, you basically turn it off, then turn it back on again.”
Me: “Just like the IT Crowd?”
IT dude: “I think so. But you need to do it three times.”
Me: “Ok, I’ll try that.”

So there you have it – Roy is on to some sound advice for your computer problems. Except he should tell you to ‘power cycle’ three times. That would save them a lot of work. Should have asked our IT dude if he was having a laugh.


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