Heading east-west

Went for a bit of a ride on Sunday morn – rode from home over the top of Mt Wellington, then along the Big Bend/East-West/Ringwood Trails to New Norfolk – about an hours drive from Hobart. Nearly killed me.

Was a good ride though – four hours or so, fifty odd k’s, 1600 metres of climbing (some walking), roughly the same amount of descending (let’s face it – descending is what it’s all about), two museli bars and a jam sandwich. 2500 calories down according to the iPhone – which apparently is this much food. That sounded pretty rubbish to me, so I met Al for lunch in ‘norfik’ for a toasted sanga, a coke and a chocolate brownie. Good times, good times.

Took some more photos too – Hipstamatic on the iPhone takes a good snap.

Looking a little bleak at Big Bend

But wasn’t too bad a bit lower down – at the start of the Ringwood Trail that descends to near Lachlan (no banjo playing references, please).

Tasmanian waratahs (Telopea truncata – there’s three years of university not wasted!) are in flower at the moment. Very pretty.

Our Vietnam photos are also on my flickr account – you can check them out here. We were there for a couple of weeks in early November and had a wonderful trip. Photos are worth 1000 words – so the attached albums are pretty close to a thesis. As such, I will write no more about it.
and here


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