A couple of days in the Forrest

Took last week off work to go ride the mountain bike with some mates in Victoria.

Had a couple of days in Forrest riding the trails there – some great purpose built trails. No massive climbs and lots of well constructed singletrack. More trails than you can poke a stick at. And well marked to boot – we didn’t get lost once. Good work Forrest.

Below is a photo of Dan hooking into one of the berms on Marriner’s Run. Good times, good times.

However, Forrest itself is quite a small town, with a limited range of eating options. We tried to eat at the pub on the first day we were there, but were informed that the pub didn’t do food during the week. Managed to find a top meal, a range of local beers and good company at the Forrest Country Guesthouse and Restaurant. Highly recommended if you’re in the area. We didn’t stay there, but the accommodation looked good. We’ll be there next time I think.

Here’s Conrad not showing any ill effects from a few days on the trails and nights in the pub.

We also rode at the You Yangs, which are closer to Geelong. Very different riding to Forrest, with much more technical riding, but some great purpose built mtb trails. Mostly granite, with some cool trail obstacles and big bits of rock to ride over, our day there was a good change from the groomed singletrack at Forrest.

You can check out some photos here…


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