Ze Germans…

So since the last update, we visited Munich for a few days. Munich is very different from Berlin – it’s much more what you’d expect Germany to look like. But one thing I’ve learned that stereotypes don’t really reflect reality in any meaningful way.

They drink a shed-load of beer in Munich – and I can understand why. Their beers are fantastic. One cannot help themselves but indulge. Their bratwurst, sauerkraut, pig bits etc are also wonderful. Tough luck if you’re a vegetarian though.

Anyhow, some pictures…

This is the Berlin Wall – yes I know it’s not in Munich, but it was quite interesting anyway. Doesn’t really appear to be working very well anymore though…

Again, the observant amongst you will note that the above two photos are from Berlin. It’s called the “Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe” – quite a sombre name, and a very striking design.

Finally, some photos from Munich. Surfing is big there – even though it’s nowhere near the ocean. Waves are consistent, but pretty much always the same size and shape. Boom, boom.

This is BMW’s showroom in Munich – this was quite cool too, but you soon realise that it will always be well beyond my means (and needs, probably) to ever own a beemer.


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