Following the yellow jersey road…

So, James and I have been following the Tour de France over the last week or so. We were in Barcelona last week for the finish of one stage, and the end of another.

This is the Nike Store in Barcelona – Lance Fever is here…

For the TDF nuts – this is me and SBS’s main commentator, Phil Liggett. Can’t believe I was wearing my hat backwards – he must think I am a dick.

This week we’re in France on a mtb holiday, in a little town called Luchon, nestled in the French Pyrenees. Beautiful spot – some of the little villages here are just amazing. But I will talk about that in a later post. Part of the purpose of coming here was to watch one of the mountain stages. We spent most of Monday riding up the Col d’Aspin, and watching the riders go by.

I was too busy yelling at the riders to take any decent photos of the riders themselves, but have a couple of photos of other random things.

We managed to score some of Lance’s Livestrong Yellow Chalk – France has Lance Fever. Was hoping that a good dose of Cadel would put an instant end to that, but it hasn’t gone to plan thus far. So we wrote on the road. Dodger refers to the Australian rider Michael Rogers. “Get a Col up ya” refers to…. well even I don’t know what it means. But it sounded funny at the time.

There’s a big ‘caravan’ of random companies giving out free kit before the riders come through – this lion is one of them. Managed to score some random crap – very happy. And a girl dressed up as a firie gave us a squirt with a big hose. This was appreciated as it was quite hot up there on the col.


One thought on “Following the yellow jersey road…

  1. Hey Matt

    Decided to stay up and cheer on Cadel myself tonight – I figure if Mark Webber can win a race, then surely Cadel can to ????
    But the Aussies are out of luck at the moment – got rolled by the Kiwis tonight in the Bledisloe and we won’t even mention the cricket – good thing England is not on your itinerary.
    Did you manage to get a guest commentary role with Phil?
    Not much to report from this end – pretty much hibernating for the Winter.
    When you get home, I’ll hire you as an interior designer – now that you’ve been to Ikea’s headquarters.
    Anyways, keep up the good work!



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