A badly needed update….

I realise that I have been a little derelict in updating this thing of late, but you know internet access is difficult on the road, uploading photos is a bit of a faff on internet cafe computers and i am lazy. you should see my travel journal – it’s patchy too, but helps me to do this thing (thanks to Stew and Bron).

Excuses, excuses I hear you say. Show me the money etc. Read on, impatient one, there’s some more rubbish below.

This week finds your correspondent in southern France in the Pyrenees mountains, in a small town called Luchon. We’re on a mountain biking holiday with a bunch of English and Dutch riders, complemented by another couple of Aussies and a Scot. Currently, I am on a badly needed rest day from riding, but here’s a photo of James on yesterday’s ride.

there’s a multitude of other mitigating factors too, but there’s now a few updates on here, links below. click away….



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