A date with Ikea…

Been a while since the last update – been in a few places over the last week or so. Very hungover, so today’s content may be quite random.

Last week, we met up with an old mate from Burnie who is living in southern Holland. Ended up staying with him for a couple of days – had some pretty big nights out.

From Norway, Sweden etc…

We did return a whole bunch of empties to the supermarket – all the locals thought we were Polish – as we couldn´t speak dutch and were carrying 10 crates of beer. Good beer though. Cheap too.

After leaving our hangovers at Josh’s place, we headed to Belgium, and then to Norway. Oslo is a pretty cool city, but is very expensive though.

From Norway, Sweden etc…

This is the town hall there – looks kinda odd, but is actually really cool, I reckon.

From Norway, Sweden etc…

Loosely translated, this sign means: “Suck a fart, barn licker.” I don´t think that is very nice. Extremely out of character for the Norwegians.

From Norway, Sweden etc…

We did hire some mountain bikes and went riding in the hills around Oslo – would be some really amazing rides there. Looks like you could ride for days in those hills, and it´s not even the best riding in Norway (apparently). But the hire bikes we had were absolutely rubbish. Next time I am taking one of the city hire bikes (like below).

From Norway, Sweden etc…

The more observant amongst you all will note that these bikes here are actually from Belgium. But I don´t think it matters – people do use these bikes a lot.

Then we went to Sweden – on an overnight train. Probably not the best idea – didn´t sleep a lot. Had a good time in Stockholm – again, quite a pretty city. Lots of rivers/canals around the city and some really cool old buildings. The weather was tops too while we were there – which always helps. Some photos etc below – and yes we did go to Ikea.

From Norway, Sweden etc…

A view of the old city (I think) – Stockholm has a cool set of waterways to get around on. And they freeze over in winter….

From Norway, Sweden etc…

Another city shot. More superlatives blah blah, fishpaste etc. But it is very cool.

From Norway, Sweden etc…

How´s the serenity…. So much serenity…


One thought on “A date with Ikea…

  1. Hiya Matt – sounds like your travels are keeping you well occupied. You’re making me jealous, stuck here in the wet of Tassie winter that just isn’t cold enough to keep the snow on the ground.

    Speaking of which – Nic and i will be heading to NZ 14th August (possibly Leroy too). Not sure what your normal email is right now (hope your not checking your DIER one too often)but get in touch if you are interested in joining us and we can let you know the details.

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