another update

Just been in Amsterdam for a couple of days – good times. I met up with James, and we’ve been riding around and tip-toeing through the tulips. Haven’t seen many windmills though. Cycling is a great way to get around here – so flat and cycle lanes everywhere. I got overtaken (on the bike) by a girl in a suit, wearing high heels and talking on the mobile phone. Everybody there rides a bike – it’s even at the stage where finding a bike park can be difficult.

Anyhow, we’re just in southern Holland staying with a friend, in Breda. Off to Belgium tomorrow, then to Norway on Monday. Hopefully to Stockholm and Copenhagen from there, but no plans from there.

Have just spent the last week riding a mountain bike in the Cordoba region, in Andalucia, southern Spain. I’ve attached some photos below.

This is a pretty typical vista from our rides – lots of olive groves spanning into the distance. The olives here are really good, and the olive oil is tops too. But olive oil factories have a smell that is definately similar to beer farts.

Near the top of one of the climbs – it was quite hot when we were there. Three days of temperatures of well over 30 degrees, with one reaching 40. Needless to say, the climbs were hot, but the downhills were definately worth it.

Another landscape shot, this time without many olive groves. Many of the rides have these old ruins on the way up – which make for quite interesting scenery.

Getting a little arty here.

We finished a couple of our rides near this town – it´s called Cabra. Not really anything like Cabramatta in Sydney. I assume the paint shop would not sell much coloured paint.

Another view of Cabra and its castle.

This is me and a cork tree. There weren’t any wine bottle shaped holes in it though. But cheap wine here does come with a real cork though – unlike at home.

This is the main descent into Cabra – some fun rocky sections and quite tight switchbacks. The riding there is quite diverse – some good fun singletrack, technical rocky stuff, fast loose rocky sections and tough climbs.


3 thoughts on “another update

  1. Hey Matty just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, I see you’ve been having an amazing adventure… good 4 u! Hope you are well and am jealous you are visiting stockholm

    Love you lots

    Your adopted Brother,


    • Thanks Greg – I’m not sure you were adopted, but thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope the surf is good at home – we had fun in Amsterdam.

      Love your adoptee brother, Matt.

  2. Hey Matty,

    Surf here at coffs has been solid the past few weeks and the new board you had shaped is fantastis! Looks like you’ve been trimming the beef since I last saw you? Mum + Dad have been wondering how you’ve been? Just let em know u r ok by ringing with telephone! It’s easy, but I am a poo poking, arse spelunking butt pirate so what would I know…

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