Just a short post to show some pictures from Madrid – had a great time there. Three days was definately not enough time to be there for – even though there´s no major attractions, there is so much to see and explore. Just wandering around each day I found something new. And got incredibly lost too.

From Spain 2009

I can´t remember what this statue/monument is called, but it´s in the middle of the Parque del Retiro. That park is massive and has lots of places to sit and watch the world go by. Apparently it´s also a bit of a hangout for prostitutes too. But I didnt see any of that…

The view from my accommodation – again I´ve forgotten the name of the street, but this is pretty typical of Madrid – a large open spaces for pedestrians along the major streets, with lots of smaller roads branching off. It´s a very walkable city, as cars generally drive quite slowly, due to the narrow streets. However, it doesn´t have the typical grid pattern of most Australian cities, with a more radial pattern with a shedload of little side streets. This makes it quite easy to get lost – especially if you don´t take a map….

One of the aforementioned side streets – quite narrow and very pedestrian friendly. Madrid is really a great city to wander around – there´s always something to see.

The Palacio Real – quite a cool spot. There´s lots of great gardens for walking around in here. No prostitutes either. But there are lots of dogs swimming in the fountains in those parks.

The Museo Nacional Del Prado – shit loads of quite old paintings here. All quite boring actually – too many portraits of rich people and their fat kids or people getting nailed to a cross. For mine, the Sofia Reina is much better. Quite a good collection of Picasso´s work and some interesting paintings by Salvador Dali – not to mention all the local Madrileno artists, who have done some cool stuff. But the Prado building is definately more interesting from the outside. Hence the picture.


2 thoughts on “Mal-drid

  1. I’m with you on that one Matt. I went to the Louvre and Prado. Too many paintings of God and Gesus. Have you been checking out the nightlife in any of the cities you’ve been to? I remember Madrid used to party pretty much all night every night. Stay well bro.

    • Didn’t check out much of the nightlife in Madrid, but have had a few good nights out in other places – too many different beers on offer not to have a few, huh. Especially in Belgium – the beers are tops there.

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