Well hello there blogwatchers – another post from the depths of South America. This week Pucon in southern Chile. A refreshing change of pace – a nice slow little country town. Very similar to Wanaka in southern NZ if I am not mistaken.

Didn’t get up to much in Pucon really – I wanted to climb the local volcano, but after trying to get up there for four days straight, and the weather failing to meet expectations, I decided to high-tail it back to Santiago. So the above intro isn’t quite true – I am writing this from Santiago. But you get that…

Before I left, I did manage to contract a rather nasty eye infection, and got to visit the local hospital. Again, my spanish was again not up to scratch. But I do now know what “ojo infeccion” means. Anyhow, onto the pictures.

One of the local birds…

If someone knows what this bird is, I would actually like to know what it is. It makes a god-awful honking noise.

Some Notho-fags for the botany nuts – yes I was quite excited to see these… For the uninitiated, Chile and Tasmania share the same genus of rainforest tree (Nothofagus) – but have different species, which is a remnant of the two places being joined at some point in the distant past, as part of the superband Gondwana. The most common species in Tasmania is fagus – Nothofagus cunninghamii – found in rainforest in the western, wetter parts of Tassie. Fucked if I know what the Chilean species is – when I asked one of the locals he just laughed at me.
I am sure someone will point out the inaccuracies in the above synopsis – but to be fair to myself, it has been 10 years since I studied botany.

The volcano – looks pretty climbable right. Well think again – most guiding companies here count those clouds as being pretty dangerous…. They don’t all have a silver lining, you know.

Oh, and yes I did go mountain biking – seems that people in South America can’t go riding without full face helmets and lots of suspension. Does make for a lot of fun though….

That’s me about to drop into a lava flow. No it wasn’t hot.


4 thoughts on “Pucon-agon

  1. Hey Matt,

    Looks like a great trip. The bird is a Southern Lapwing, related to our masked lapwings (aka spur-winged plovers) hence the honking…

    Have fun,


  2. Hey Number One Son

    Glad to see you are still in one piece, I had thoughts of having to sell the ye olde homestead to get enough for a ransom demand, luckily you have been returned to us, minus a few brain cells, incidious beverage alcohol.

    Wish I seen your sign when I was working on limericks, just love it.

    Keep having fun, stay in touch.

    Love Mum

  3. I should mention, if I am not much mistaken I believe your bird is Charadrius Dubius. Has a call of pee-ooo with an amphasis on the pee.
    Sorry N didn’t mean to steal your thunder.
    Mum Davis Ornthologist.

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