Secret squirrel track

Some photos and comments from the ´Secret Singletrack´ride that I did a couple of weeks back with Gravity Bolivia. The tracks there are pretty goshdarned awesome. The bonus was that they provide a vehicle to drive you up and down – I´m pretty sure Cadel and Lance would have a tough time riding uphill around here.

The riding was very technical and difficult, but extremely good fun. They kitted us out with some pretty good bikes and fed us some good food too. Anyhoo – some photos below….

Don´t laugh – they made us wear armour and look kinda funny. But I am enjoying myself under all that gear – I promise.

A nice shot of my bottom – ladies form an orderly queue. Alison, you can skip to the front.

More fun rocky stuff.

It´s the human fly!

Ah, Kodak courage….


2 thoughts on “Secret squirrel track

  1. Looks like some amazing riding Matt. Love that photo of you guys coming down the ridge line. And the other ride on the worlds most dangerous road looks incredible too. Have been checking out your blog regularly. Maccu Piccu must’ve been mindblowing. Happy travels fella, and keep those blog posts coming. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming European MTBing. Cheers bro.

  2. Cheers, mate – that ridgeline was kinda scary – much steeper than it looks and quite exposed on both sides. Looking forward to Europe – if the last few weeks have been anything to go by, then there will be a lot of riding….

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