If a picture is a thousand words, then this is post is an essay on the World´s Most Dangerous valley…

Well, I had a spare day in Bolivia, and all the guidebooks, TV shows etc recommend the World´s Most Dangerous Road as being a great day out on a mountain bike. While I had heard from some that this ride was pretty much along a highway and a pretty good gravel road, the scenery is pretty cool. So I went.

The valley that forms the first part of the ´Death Road´ – it starts up fairly high at 4750m. The air is very thin up there….

The start of the Death Road (TM) – there´s a remarkable change from freezing alpine to warm jungle air around here. Stoked I got to see some jungle – thought I may miss out on this round…

´Dude, if you take another photo of me, I´m gonna…´

You can see a number of bus wheels, car bits etc near this corner. It was the scene of many an accident.

At the end – ´Heyyyyy..´

The World´s most dangerous valley – the Death Road sneaks up the valley to the left, and the new road (The World´s Least Dangerous Road) goes up the valley to the right.


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