An update on thin air…..

As you may be aware, I was in Bolivia last week – good times there. Seems like quite a cool country, and La Paz is an amazing city. Breathtaking – literally (it´s 3600m above sea level). I was puffed out walking up the staircase to my room in the hostel most days. Some photos below…

I went on a couple of mountain bike rides while I was there – more worthless chatter here….

La Paz by day….

Zebras directing traffic at Zebra crossings….

La Paz by night….

I´m in Chile now – got a week here before I head to Europe next week – TTFN kiddies…


2 thoughts on “An update on thin air…..

  1. Hey Mate – just catching up on your adventures – some very nice work! The zebra crossing is a classic photo – did you manage to get hold of a suit for your next birthday? Glad to hear you have so far survived your hospital visit – I’m sure it’ll make a good tale. Enjoy your last days in South America and I’ll hear from you in Europe!

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