Walk like an Incan

A short prelude – Those of you with a similarly kitschy taste in music may like to listen to this song while viewing. I know this song is about something different, but I had it stuck in my head while walking around Machu Picchu.

Following the Lares Trek, we caught a bus and a train into Machu Picchu Pueblo – the small town at the bottom of Machu Picchu. We spent the night here before heading to the famous Machu Picchu site.

We headed up to Machu Picchu early – got up at 4.30am and went to the bus at 5.15. By that stage, the bus line was already 300m long. But we managed to get up there before sunrise.

The below photo shows Wayna Picchu (the peak on the right) – following advice from others, we climbed up this fairly early. But we had to wait in another line. The main site of Machu Picchu is on the left…

The view of Machu Picchu from the top of Wayna Picchu – it is just amazing. Seriously – photos don’t really do the place justice. Especially the mug on the right in this shot.

Another shot of Machu Picchu – note the access road zigzagging up on the bottom left, and keener observers may be able to make out the Inca Trail coming into the site from the left.

Some of the stonework at the site is amazing – apparently, the better the quality of the stonework, the more important the person living there was. We had a really good tour guide take us around the site – there was a lot of work done at there in a short time. Apparently, it only ever housed around 400-500 people at a time, and was used for around 100 years – it was fairly self sufficient, with its own agricultural and industrial zones. Our guide also told us to tell all and sundry that Machu Picchu was not a city – it was more of a sanctuary. Something like a resort or shack settlement perhaps? I don’t know.

Can’t really write too much more – my photos and words don’t really do the place justice. It’s simply just amazing – you’ll have to come here to find out what it looks like up close.


2 thoughts on “Walk like an Incan

    • It’s like a virus, huh…
      “All the old paintings in the tomb, they do the same dance don’t you know” – that is a classic line.

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