The Lares Trial

A few pictures of the Lares Trek – it’s an alternative route to the Inca Trail. Was pretty good fun, but I think the scenery and walking are nothing on the Inca Trail itself – the Inca Trail has a bit more varied scenery, including rivers and rainforest, and crosses three mountain passes. I think I’d like to come back and do the Inca Trail – it’d be amazing to finish at Machu Picchu.

The Lares Trek is more of a horse trail, and only goes over one major mountain pass – although this one pass is over 4400m high. The scenery looks much like the mountains in southern NZ.

Below is the village that we camped in on day 1 – pretty impressive little village. Freaking cold though – the locals get around in sandals…

Walking up to the major mountain pass on Day 2. As you can see, the trail is pretty much a horse trail most of the way. This was the major climb of the trip – a steady climb most of the way. Except at the end, where it gets really steep – perfect for those bursting lungs.

An Andean girl sitting just below the major mountain pass – kids like her sprint from the middle of nowhere to ask for biscuits, pencils etc. She was carrying a bucket of drinks and chocolate bars to sell us – I think she was doing a roaring trade.

Usually, the kids sprint from nowhere, when you can barely breathe, and they look like they’re barely out of breath. I can tell you that the altitude definately does affect you – even small inclines can set the old heart racing. Hopefully the altitude training will keep me in good stead for the mtbing in Euro-land.

Standing at the top of the pass on Day 2 – how’s the serenity? Anyone got any jousting sticks? The walk from here to the end is pretty much all downhill – no good photos from the end.


2 thoughts on “The Lares Trial

  1. I have now put several amusing comments & I have duly noted you are not responding to my incredibly witty words.
    Could it be that I am truly computer illiterate.
    This is such a great record of your travels thus far, don’t forget my hat.
    Edmund & Tensing would be proud of your efforts.

    • Well, I think the lack of a response should tell you something about the quality of your comments. Or that I am pretty lazy. Take your choice – it´s your fault either way.

      I have gotten you a hat – I will take a picture of a dog wearing it, so you can know what it looks like.

      Hope all is well there – will call soon. I know I missed Greg´s birthday….

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