An update…

Been a trifle slack of late on updating this thing, so have added a few updates on the past couple of weeks activities –

Have also been to Lake Titicaca over the last couple of days. No doubt you will all be subjected to another blog post about this soon.

The plans from here are to spend a few days in La Paz in Bolivia. Hopefully, I have hooked up a day riding some sweet singletrack around La Paz (fingers crossed). From there, off to Chile for a week – hopefully to Pucon (if the weather is ok) and then to Europe in about two weeks (3 June). Woot – good times!


2 thoughts on “An update…

  1. Hey there,

    Looks like a great trip. Are you going to Chile via the Salar de Uyuni? Definitely worth seeing! Hope you’re managing to avoid the swine flu.


    • Yo Nads – good to hear from you. Not heading to northern Chile – just got to Pucon today actually. Starting to realise that four months isn´t really enough to fit in all that you´d like. Salar de Uyuni does sound amazing, I spoke to a few ppl who loved it….

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