seahorses for courses

Finished up the surfing part of the holiday – in Lima now. Head to Cuzco tomorrow morning (by plane – avoids the 20+ hour bus ride) and off on the Lares Trek on Wednesday. The Lares Trek is an alternative to the Inca Trail – The Inca Trail has a daily quota which gets booked out months in advance. Which I didn´t make.

Got some pretty good waves in the end – Chicama got one more good swell before I left. But I think the first swell we got there was better – felt kinda spoilt after that, like we´d already had the best, and other days didn´t quite match up to expectations. Was still really good though, but I think I´m ready to do something a bit different for a while.

In Huanchaco, the local fishermen use these little kayak-like boats called ´caballitos de totora´ – roughly translated, this means little horses made of totora reeds. They´re pretty hardy little things – the fishermen up and down the coast have used them for thousands of years. But I think that in most places, fishermen have moved on to more advanced vessels – but the caballitos live on in Huanchaco.

Here they are – most fishers have three boats. They need a bit of time to dry out between fishing trips, and they only last about 6 months or so.

From Peru 2009

You can kind of see the ´paddle´ they use lying on the deck of this boat – it´s effectively just a bit of wood. Looks like a real hand buster – it´s just a bit of bamboo-like wood. No ergonomic grips here. They breed ´em tough here…

From Peru 2009

They mostly set nets off these boats – they bring in their catch and fishing gear in the little cockpit at the back, and the sit or kneel in the middle to paddle them. Here´s a fellow drying his net.

From Peru 2009

Bonus shot of the thongs I bought here – Haitianas. The way those clever kids over here get around copyright etc. They are terrible thongs – they are pretty much paper thin under my heels after a couple of weeks.

From Peru 2009

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