Pop music in Peru

After a couple of bus trips in Peru, you come to realise that Jean Claude van Damme and actors of his martial arts/”belt-the-living-suitcase-out-of-anyone-and-everyone” has made a lot of films. A lot more than you´d ever imagined, actually. Most videos on buses are pretty violent affairs, with lots of people getting shot, maimed etc. Mostly for no valid reason. All in poor lip sync to boot.

Imagine my surprise at one of the bus companies having a sign on their buses that they have a policy against violent videos, and wouldn´t be showing them on their buses. Taking a stand for the kids of Peru. Good on them, I hear you say.

The teev on the bus is playing music clips. That´s not too bad, I hear you think.

Well, most of the clips involve some questionable camera work and “dancing”. Some examples are highlighted below for your interest.

Personally, I don´t know what would be better for the kiddies.

Christina Aguilera´s little seen brother Dilbert. A lot of pop stars in Peru look like him – some are a bit taller.

Gerald and la hot band, their name is definately some form of misnomer. And their choreographer (if he/she exists) should be out of a job.

Five bucks for the first person to watch both in full.

I find the easiest way to do it is to sit on a bus next to a bloke carrying a canary, with another fellow walking down the aisle of the bus, soliciting money for lacking the ability to both sing and play guitar over the music videos.


One thought on “Pop music in Peru

  1. Well I am very impressed now you have seen the Big Jesus, this must go in the book with the Big Prawn, Sheep,Pineapple, Banana, Slurpee (yes here in Coffs Harbour we have the Big Slurpee).
    My guess is for wine storage it just seems to make sense that the ancient Mayan culture would have required copious amounts of amber liquid. All that building and sculpting would make you very thirsty.
    It all actually looks very beautiful, still very envious. Have a great time on the Inca Trail, post lots of pictures.

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