Some long lefts…

Well sports fans, Leigh and I are well and truly ensconsced in Peru. After a couple of days in Lima, we´ve headed north to the waves.

We started at Pacasmayo – a cool little town with quite a good left-hand point. Goofy footers paradise here – lots of long lefts on the north coast of Peru. Spent a few days there, and got some pretty good waves.
We did find out that Jesus is big in Pacasmayo though – literally.

From Peru 2009

But we moved south to Chicama, famed as the longest lefthand point in the world. After arriving here, I would believe it. The point is amazingly long. The below photo probably doesn´t do it justice – the point is a lot longer than this.

From Peru 2009

There are three points here – these link up sometimes apparently, but doesn´t really happen often. Still the inside point (in the above photo) has long enough waves to keep most happy. We had two days of really good waves here, but it´s gone flat in the last couple of days.

So we went for a bit of a wander up the point yesterday – pretty cool spot. Some photos below.

One of the locals…

From Peru 2009

Found this crazy wall in the middle of nowhere – thought someone was going to pop out of nowhere and arrest us for photographing military installations. Didn´t happen though.

From Peru 2009
From Peru 2009

From the point, looking back toward Chicama.

From Peru 2009

Next swell is forecast for Sunday-Monday. Planning on sticking around to make the most of that, then heading somewhere else…


6 thoughts on “Some long lefts…

  1. mmmm…. nice weather by the looks.
    been snowing here…. points may have had a wave yesterday… mysteriously coinciding with Di not been at work!!
    watch out for the swine flu!

    • hahaha – that’s awesome. sounds like it’s been pretty cold at home.

      keeping an eye out for the swine flu, but all seems fine here at the minute.

      have fun, mate – hopefully you’ll get out for a few of those point swells yourself…

    • I was on my deathbed . . . Looks like a fun wave. Glad to hear you’re still in one piece, although early days. Any photos of you dropping in on Leigh? Where to now? Disfrutar el pisco y las otras cosas . .

      • No photos of any drop ins on Leigh – or anyone else. Have copped a few from others though. It´s hard to abuse someone who doesn´t speak English. What are the other things?

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