the second last frontier

A few weeks back, your fearless correspondent and my fellow avid adventurer, crazy j, went to tame the Ringwood Track – on the backside of Mt Wellington near a small hamlet called Lachlan, out the back of New Norfolk.

From Jeffery’s track march 09

There’s a 800m climb on the way up – we climbed up via Jeffreys Track and the East-West Trail. This was made quite a bit quicker by an extended chase from two wayward dogs that didn’t like us too much.  Perhaps they could sense the fear.  Or they sniffed out the chocolate hot cross buns we were carrying.

From Jeffery’s track march 09

Anyhoo, the climb, while it may appear daunting, it wasn’t too bad.  Especially with a couple of weeks hindsight.

After a quick stop at the top…

From Jeffery’s track march 09

.. we were onto the descent – oh the descent.  Even though the day was pretty wet, the descent was a good old time.

Jeffery’s track march 09

The East-West Trail is a bit flat really – it’s actually hard to ride fast and quite energy sapping.  J gives it a go here – you could really hear and feel his wheels moving across the ground as I took this. Even though it doesn’t really look like it.

From Jeffery’s track march 09

The Ringwood trail is a good fast track – with plenty of room to move if things got a little wild.  Some of the wetter sections were really, really good fun.  Especially if you had tyres with a bit of grip.

From Jeffery’s track march 09

The bottom section was a bit drier, but no less fun.  It’s a great track to do skids (like this – I swear this isn’t intentional), and admire the view…

From Jeffery’s track march 09

To borrow a phrase from some wanky outdoor company this was “another day well lived”.  Check out for maps and some info on various rides across Wellington Park.  Especially before winter sets in…

A footnote to this otherwise happy story, is that I did forget that my bike was on the roof of my car and tried to put my bike through J’s carport on the way home. Tres embarrassment….


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