Cold blooded Hobart times

Bit of a good frost in Hobart’s western parts this morning. So slippery that I couldn’t even walk along the road.


Winter is well and truly here. Hoping it will bring some snow to make it all worthwhile.



Cutting someone else’s grass…

Whoa. Jim’s mowing seem to be moving into a new business – as evidenced by the below clip

Cracking the nut

Long time – no post. Well you get that sometimes.

Just had a great weekend away around Stanley in Tasmania’s sunny north-west. I even took some photos to put on this blog thing. I probably should do it a bit more regularly.

Highfield House near Stanley

Looking north towards Woolnorth from near Marrawah

The Nut at Stanley

Nettle Bay shoreline (near Marrawah)


Little boxes…

These little boards look seriously fun – especially for the tiny wave conditions which have been prevailing on South Arm lately….

Might be just the thing for summer.

The future of punk…

… may well be here. There is something very cool about a bunch of kids singing Ramones songs.

Being your own guest Rage programmer…

Bit of a rainy morning here in Hobart this morning, so have been youtubing it up. It’s reminds me a lot of watching rage back in the day – except that you get to choose your own videos. Here’s an all time favourite – Ian Curtis was such an intense character.

Rain is clearing, so best get out for a ride. Might do so after one more clip… Or after another one

Wrong place, right time…

Starting something great…

Been watching “Parks and Recreation” Series 3 – it is fantastic. This is one of the character’s (Ron Swanson) version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I think Ron Swanson’s version is better.

The boy is at it again

More great riding from Danny Macaskill. I hope he checked a lot of those rails and beams to see if they were still solide before he decided to hop on them – looks like they’ve been there for some time.

Now this is a riot…

Obviously, I’m appalled at what’s going on in England at the moment, but the old British spirit comes through from the below video. It’s actually a little funny, but if the suit fits, wear it.

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